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Dissertation Assistance & Coaching

We provide line-by-line proofreading, language polishing, and professional assistance to doctoral students through every phase of the research review process, from inception to completion. Our experienced team includes academic doctors, university professors, committee reviewers, consultants, statisticians, and certified editors who work with you on developing and refining your dissertation.

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Trusted By Leading Universities Around The World

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About Dissertation
Assistance & Coaching

Your dissertation is the culmination of years of hard work. Doctoral students spend years of their lives preparing for, writing, editing, and defending their dissertations or doctoral study. There is arguably no more important task for a doctoral candidate. From preparing the prospectus to proposals and data collection and through manuscript submission and multiple rounds of defense and revisions, completing a dissertation involves significant work. Taking advantage of dissertation assistance and coaching can make a stressful process easier by teaching skills and providing tools designed to reduce the number of revision cycles needed. Ultimately, this should decrease the time a Ph.D. or other doctoral student spends in a program, thereby lowering the cost of earning a doctorate degree.


  • Writing and editing services: Our doctoral dissertation services also include content and methodology alignment; format compliance; line-by-line editing for spelling, grammar, font, and punctuation issues; proofreading services; citation cross-checking; and corrections that teach doctoral students how to align their work to the American Psychological Association (APA) rules and standards. Published dissertations must adhere to these requirements, so we offer multiple-round, peer-review support provided by APA methodology content experts.


  • Dissertation coaching: We also provide intense one-on-one dissertation reviews and coaching services, designed to help candidates focus on and build their research, writing, and editing skills. Our dissertation help services are offered in a live, web-based format and can benefit doctoral students at any stage of the dissertation process.

Dissertation Editing Services Include:

Our expert team of doctoral researchers, scholar-practitioners, and certified proofreading editors emulate the peer-reviewed process. Including a thorough line-by-line review consistently identifying anthropomorphism, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and font issues that often are overlooked and do not meet the rubric requirements. Services also include detailed in-text citation cross-check audit and multiple-round peer-review support. Our team will ensure that your dissertation is compliant and meets your institution/program rubric and publishing requirements. 


Ultimately, this means the time spent in a doctoral program is reduced, resulting in financial savings, peace of mind, and confidence knowing your proposal will be edited and reviewed by skilled, knowledgeable professionals.

Why Choose Us?

Of course, it is not necessary to have all of the answers at the pre or post-proposal stages. Leveraging professional doctorate editing services provided by scholar-practitioners can benefit you in numerous ways.


By guaranteeing that your dissertation meets your institution/program rubric & publishing requirement ahead of time, the number of revisions decreases by 50%.


Ultimately, this means the time spent in a doctoral program is reduced, resulting in financial savings. 

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