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Doctoral Boot Camp Training Program

Nothing about preparing a dissertation or doctoral study is easy, but it is an important — and necessary — part of earning a Ph.D. or professional doctoral degree. Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC offers the maximum level of support through a live interactive platform that encourages and facilitates collaboration. The LIVE online virtual boot camp training program is designed for pre-proposal and post-proposal doctoral students conducting qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method studies. In addition to learning how to write the dissertation section by section, the LIVE online program includes workshops in APA, scholarly writing, research, and data management software (SPSS, NVivo) skill development.





Curriculum Designed to Help Doctoral Candidates at Any Stage of the Process


The LIVE virtual Doctoral Boot Camp program is designed for doctoral candidates completing foundational coursework, premise, prospectus, proposal, capstone project, dissertation, and the doctoral study. With two programs – an 8-week APA, research, and scholarly writing skill development and a 12-week APA, research, scholarly writing, and data management software development the program is designed to fit into doctoral candidates’ busy schedules, with workshops and modules held twice each week – evening and weekends.

Benefits Beyond Research and Writing Assistance


Academic doctoral candidates who are pursuing their Ph.D. or academic doctorate degrees — whether online or through traditional on-campus learning environments — can benefit from attending the Doctoral Boot Camp Training Program in numerous ways including...


  • Receive a 1- year FREE membership of 30% Off any submission and programs.

  • Free editorial submissions throughout the duration of the enrolled program.  

  • Design efficient and comprehensible ways to analyze, structure, and present large amounts of data/information.

  • Join a community of life-long learners to support you throughout your doctoral journey!

  • Participate in a LIVE convocation and scholar colloquia - virtual posterboard presentation.

  • Master scholarly writing and professional principles integral for the publication process.

  • Receive real-time feedback from season scholar-practitioners available 24-7 to questions about your study.

  • Recognize and identify theoretical and methodological perspectives of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method research.

  • Learn best practices for the delivery, execution, and presentation of scientific methods, and inquiry as dictated by qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method frameworks.

  • Master scholarly writing and professional principles integral for the publication process.

  • Learn how to critically evaluate multiple sources and studies related to the research problem.

  • Collaborate with a community and cohort of life-long learners and scholar-practitioners.

Ready for Next Steps?


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