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Professional Dissertation Services

Doctoral students spend years of their lives preparing for, writing, editing, and defending their dissertations or doctoral study. There is arguably no more important task for a doctoral candidate. 


From preparing the prospectus to proposals and data collection and through manuscript submission and multiple rounds of defense and revisions, completing a dissertation or doctoral study involves significant work. Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC offers a range of professional dissertation services and solutions designed to improve the dissertation experience for doctoral candidates.

Taking advantage of dissertation assistance and coaching can make a stressful process easier by teaching skills and providing tools designed to reduce the number of revision cycles needed. Ultimately, this should decrease the time a Ph.D. or other doctoral student spends in a program, thereby lowering the cost of earning his or her doctoral degrees.

Dissertation Support Services

Doctoral students can take advantage of any or all of the following dissertation help services:

  • Research services: After receiving approval from the IRB, doctoral candidates must collect data and conduct research. However, students are often unfamiliar with the types of qualitative and quantitative management software they need to use in the process.


We provide one-on-one qualitative or quantitative research assistance training with students. This service is designed to guide doctoral students through the various phases of the data analysis process, so students are prepared to defend their research studies. As a result, students can progress faster through the critical data analysis phase.


  • Writing and editing services: Our doctoral dissertation services also include content and methodology alignment; format compliance; line-by-line editing for spelling, grammar, font, and punctuation issues; proofreading services; citation cross-checking; and corrections that teach doctoral students how to align their work to the American Psychological Association (APA) rules and standards. Published dissertations must adhere to these requirements, so we offer multiple-round, peer-review support provided by APA methodology content experts.


  • Dissertation coaching: We also provide intense one-on-one dissertation reviews and coaching services, designed to help candidates focus on and build their research, writing, and editing skills. Our dissertation help services are offered in a live, web-based format and can benefit doctoral students at any stage of the dissertation process.


  • Mentorship: Our online Doctoral “Boot Camp” training program combines both intensive research and writing with NVivo and SPSS management software mentorship program. The online LIVE platform-based program is designed for doctoral candidates pursuing a Ph.D. or professional doctorate within any discipline or topic under investigation.

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Your dissertation is the culmination of years of hard work. Taking advantage of professional dissertation services from Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC will help you focus efforts to deliver and defend your dissertation proudly.


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