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Doctoral Study Assistance

& Guidance

Your doctoral study is the culmination of years of hard work. You spend years preparing for, writing, editing, and defending your dissertations or doctoral study. There is arguably no more important task for a doctoral candidate. From preparing the prospectus to proposals and data collection and through manuscript submission and multiple rounds of defense and revisions, completing a doctoral study involves significant work. Taking advantage of our editing assistance and coaching can make a stressful process easier by teaching skills and providing tools designed to reduce the number of revision cycles needed. If your doctoral study is prepared well, you will likely receive approval to proceed to the next phase of the review process. However, if your review committee (Chair/Advisor/1st Reader, SCM/2nd Reader, URR) is not satisfied with the quality or direction of your doctoral study, you will need to spend extra time and energy continually evaluating and revising. In addition to being frustrating, this can increase the amount of time — and money — spent in your doctoral program.

Ready To Take the Next Step?

Hiring Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC editing service is easy!

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Why Choose US?


 Leveraging professional doctorate or Ph.D. editing services provided by scholar-practitioners can benefit you in numerous ways. By guaranteeing that your doctoral study meets content, university-specific requirements, technical, and grammatic requirements ahead of time, the number of revisions decreases by 50%. Ultimately, this means the time spent in a doctoral program is reduced, resulting in financial savings. 

Doctoral Study Editing Services Include:

Our expert team of doctoral researchers and editors proofreading the peer-reviewed system includes a thorough line-by-line, content, and methodology alignment - identifying easily missed items such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, and font issues that often are overlooked and do not meet the rubric requirements. Services also include detailed citation cross-checking and multiple-round peer-review support. Our team will ensure that your content aligned and comply with the APA rules, methodology, and rubric.

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