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Doctoral Capstone Project Assistance & Guidance

We provide line-by-line proofreading, language polishing, and professional assistance to doctoral students through every phase of the research review process, from inception to completion. Our experienced team includes academic doctors, university professors, committee reviewers, consultants, statisticians, and certified editors who work with you on developing and refining your doctoral capstone project.

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About Doctoral Capstone
Project Assistance & Guidance

The doctoral capstone project is time- and labor-intensive processes requiring intense preparation, both designed to demonstrate and apply research skills. As opposed to a traditional three-chapter doctoral study or a five-chapter doctoral dissertation, a doctoral capstone typically involves two parts: A paper, portfolio, or another form of deliverable such as a software application, change management plan, or curriculum plan; and a final presentation or report that describes the research and learning methodology behind the deliverable.


The doctoral capstone, when completed, should demonstrate the application of the candidate’s research in a real-world setting. The specific structure for a doctoral capstone project depends largely on what you want to do for the project/deliverable portion. Just as with a doctoral dissertation, when you're completing a doctoral capstone project you must work closely with faculty advisers on the selection and development of doctoral capstone project ideas, complete research, and writing.

Capstone Project
Editing Services Include:

Our expert team of doctoral researchers, scholar-practitioners, and certified proofreading editors emulate the peer-reviewed process. Including a thorough line-by-line review consistently identifying anthropomorphism, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and font issues that often are overlooked and do not meet the rubric requirements. Services also include detailed in-text citation cross-check audit and multiple-round peer-review support. Our team will ensure that your doctoral capstone project is compliant and meets your institution/program rubric and publishing requirements. 


Ultimately, this means the time spent in a doctoral program is reduced, resulting in financial savings, peace of mind, and confidence knowing your proposal will be edited and reviewed by skilled, knowledgeable professionals.

Why Choose Us?

You can lessen the stress that accompanies writing a doctoral capstone project and improve your outcome by leveraging third-party expertise and assistance.


Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC uses a multiple-round peer-review process to help you produce quality doctoral capstone deliverables and reports that meet and exceed university/program rubric and publishing expectations.


Ultimately, this means the time spent in a doctoral program is reduced, resulting in financial savings. 

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