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Editing & Research Department

Welcome to the editing and research department of the Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC. Our services include the following academic doctoral projects: dissertations, capstone projects, premise, prospectus, proposal, doctoral studies, form & style review, pre/mock oral defense presentations, oral defense PowerPoint presentations, IRB applications, research assistance (data analysis using Qualitative and Quantitative Software Management).


Through a multiple-round peer-review process, our teams help doctoral candidates produce a clear, accurate, and compelling project that meets university expectations and is favorably received by committee reviewers.


Editorial Services Includes:


  •     Content & methodology alignment.

  •     Line-by-line editing.

  •     Grammar corrections and alignment with the American Psychological Association          (APA) rules and set of standards.

Hilda Moses, PH.D.

Quantitative Team

Hired Staff

Tamika Haynes, DBA

Qualitative Team

Lihua Xu, PH.D.

Quantitative Team

Martina Smith

Qualitative Team

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