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Doctorate and Ph.D. Mentorship

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About the Scholars Group



Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC consists of a specialized team of academic doctors, statisticians, content experts, methodologists, consultants, university professors, and professional editors committed to helping Ph.D. and professional doctoral candidates succeed. We provide services designed to give doctoral students confidence in the quality of dissertations and other work submitted to review committees.



More than just a dissertation company, we provide all-encompassing mentorship, consulting, and support services. We “Keep you moving” by providing research assistance, peer-reviewed editing and writing support, and mentorship services for ACADEMIC DOCTORAL CANDIDATES pursuing a Ph.D. or professional doctorate.



We are dedicated to helping Ph.D. and professional doctorate candidates through every step of the journey. Through extensive editorial service, research assistance, dissertation consulting, and mentorship programs, doctoral candidates can expect to move through the rigorous steps of the doctoral process to successfully participate in the commencement and hooding ceremony.

Note From The CEO

Meet The CEO/President

Dr. Tamika E. Haynes

I have the great privilege of greeting you as the CEO/Founder of Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC. As a former doctoral candidate, I genuinely understand the inescapable challenges, rigorousness, and intricacies associated with traveling through an academic doctoral program. I recall feelings of defeat and hopelessness, consistent frustrations with the endless cycle of revisions, committee changes, ambiguous feedback, increasing student loan debt, and countless sleepless nights – while managing the demands of life, family, and work.


Out of the core of both my frustrations and challenges, I birthed a passionate mission to assist and fully equip doctoral candidates with knowledge on how to write a scholarly dissertation and navigate to the finish line successfully. I humbly share this passion and the result of our candidates’ successes with a unique and phenomenal team of experts who have revolutionized the mentorship paradigm in this industry!


We would be honored to “ESCORT YOU” to the finish line!


Dr. Tamika E. Haynes

Read Dr. Haynes story in the articles published below:

Doctoral Boot Camp Program

Doctoral Mentorship Program

The doctoral boot camp is an interactive online program consisting of workshops designed as external supports to academic doctoral candidates and students pursuing either a Ph.D. or a Professional Doctorate (DBA, DIT, EdD, DSW, DrPH, DHA, DPA, PsyD, DNP). The boot camp is ideal for doctoral candidates needing additional editorial and programmatic SUPPORT, GUIDANCE, and ACCOUNTABILITY while in a research review process.

Workshops and Special Topics Include But Not Limited To:

  • APA (What’s New in the 7th Edition)

  • How to maintain BALANCE between work, home, and writing your dissertation.

  • Strategies on how to avoid “WRITERS BURNOUT”.

  • Library Research and Information Literacy.

  • Learn strategies on how to create a solid literature review outline, organize, and write a literature review.

  • Build confidence and preparation for the oral defense.

  • How to get your research published in creditable peer-reviewed journals.

  • Project engagement, collaboration and research poster board scholar colloquia.

  • Learn efficient and comprehensible ways to analyze, structure, and present large amounts of data and information through NVIVO or SPSS and much more…

 Interested In Previewing A Workshop?

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Who Can Enroll?

  • ANY FUTURE academic DOCTOR (candidate/student), no matter the discipline or research topic under investigation, working on the foundational coursework, premise, prospectus, proposal, capstone project, dissertation, doctoral study, and IRB stages.

What Programs Are Available?

All boot camp workshops are designed to fit the life of a doctoral candidate, student, and working professional schedule. The doctoral boot camp program consists of TWO programs held on Saturdays ONLY.


    • APA, Research, and Scholarly Writing Skill Development Program designed for Pre-Proposal stages.

    • Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed-Method candidates completing doctoral-level course work, premise, prospectus, capstone project, or section 1, or 2 of the dissertation or doctoral study.


    • APA, Research, Scholarly Writing, and Data Management Software Skill Development for Post-Proposal stages.

    • Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed-Method candidates at the IRB stage, or currently working on section 3, 4, or 5, data collection, analysis, preparation defense, results of the dissertation or doctoral study.


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Online Workshop

What Future Doctors Say


Constance W.

Ed.D. Candidate   

I was able to work directly with Dr. Xu, who is prompt and kind to interact with, I highly recommend getting support from Scholars Professional Editing Group!

Alyce H.

DBA Candidate   

Dr. T's team is phenomenal! If you need assistance with Nvivo - this is the team you want to work with. I would highly recommend them. Thank you so much!

Professor Mignette D.

Ed.D. Candidate   

Highly recommend Scholars Professional Editing Group for help with dissertations.

Stacy Madison, Ed.D. Candidate   

The professional team over at Scholars Professional Editing group was the epitome of professionalism and on time editing. I am pleased with the feedback and I will be using them again and will recommend them to everyone I know who needs assistance.

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