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NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis Services

At Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC., we specialize in NVivo (Lumivero) qualitative and mixed-method data analysis, and coaching services that cater to the specific research needs of doctoral candidates. Our coaches are NVivo-certified!

We aim to help students better understand their data, write their dissertations more effectively, and defend their findings. Our certified NVivo Navigation coaches guide you step-by-step through the entire data analysis process to completion in up to 14 days! Yes- within two weeks! 

Book a consultation to chat with us to discuss the NVivo Phases of completion.

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Qualitative Research Assistance Services Available

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Up to 12 one-on-one coaching sessions required. 

The entire NVivo (Lumivero) data analysis process is completed in 3-Phases!

Phase 0


Introductory Meeting With Your NVivo Coach

Phase I


Project Creation  Data Importation Data Storage

Data Organization

Phase II


Data Coding

 Theme Development

 Data Analysis

Phase III


Data Visualization 

 Q & A

 Sample Template 

Editorial Review

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