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NVivo 1:1 Research Assistance

When the time arrives to defend your dissertation, you must be able to explain your conclusions and support your analysis. The data used in preparing your dissertation — such as data gained through observations, interviews, ethnography, case study, a phenomenological, narrative, or grounded theory means — must support your research. Ph.D./professional doctoral candidates working on the dissertations can benefit from professional research assistance, including qualitative and mixed-method data analysis. Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC provides qualitative, mixed-method, and quantitative data analysis and related services designed to help doctoral candidates better understand their data, write their dissertations more effectively, and defend their findings to review committees. Qualitative, mixed-method, and quantitative data analysis is offered through 1:1 research assistance training. Rather than simply conducting data analysis and handing the results to doctoral candidates, our dissertation research scholar-practitioners work 1:1 with candidates throughout the entire process. As a result, candidates can decrease time spent in the data analysis phase. When you are unfamiliar with research tools, methods, or sophisticated management software platforms such as ATLAS Ti, MADQX, or NVivo when preparing to conduct your data analysis, the process of completing data analysis can be extremely stressful. Our statisticians, content experts, academic doctors, consultants, methodologists, and university professors at Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC understand the data analysis process. We are dedicated to helping doctoral candidates understand it, too. 

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Type Of Research Assistance Services Available?


    • Qualitative/Mixed-Method Data Analysis

    • Manual Coding

    • NVivo transcription

    • Importation of unstructured data (text, audio, emails, webpages/content, surveys, social media)

    • ​Line-by-line coding in NVivo

    • Test Queries/Matrix

    • Produce visual representation of the data, tables, graphs, frequencies charts

    • Results, finding, and conclusion narrative/write-up assistance

  • ATLAS Ti


Why Choose US?

 When preparing to present and defend your study doctoral candidates must understand the qualitative, or mixed-method data analysis process, research methodology, assumptions, and be able to analyze the data critically. In most cases, doctoral candidates know their dissertation research subject areas well. However, many candidates have only a basic background in data analysis, or statistics and lack the detailed knowledge and resources needed to effectively draw conclusions or to ensure the material they must prepare and defend is accurate. Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC provides Ph.D. research assistance designed to address this gap. Our dissertation statistics consultants use qualitative data analysis management software to help candidates complete the data analysis process from start to finish. This translates into fewer rewrites needed and fewer reasons for review committees to challenge presented data and findings.

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