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Ph.D. Workshops: Doctoral Mentorship & Assistance Seminars

Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC provides web-based Ph.D. workshops designed to give doctoral candidates one-on-one support and feedback. Our online Doctoral “Boot Camp” training program is an intensive research and writing mentorship program. The online LIVE platform-based program is designed for doctoral candidates pursuing a Ph.D. or academic doctorate within any discipline or topic under investigation.


The curriculum is specific to the candidates’ research design and divided into two groups: a) Qualitative Group and b) Quantitative Group. The “Boot Camp” is strategically designed, no matter the program or stage of the committee review process.

A Doctoral Training Program Tailored to Your Needs

Doctoral candidates who enroll in the mentorship program participate in an intensive, eight-week Ph.D. training program. Boot Camp — geared toward doctoral candidates at any stage of the academic doctoral review process — includes Ph.D. writing workshops and dissertation workshops.  


Whether at the proposal, premise, prospectus, IRB, or URR stage of the review process, doctoral students can benefit from the targeted, one-on-one support and feedback. Our Ph.D. workshops are designed to help Ph.D. and other professional doctoral candidates who are pursuing any discipline or topic under investigation hone and build their research, writing, and editing skills.


All of our mentorship and Ph.D. workshops are delivered through a live, online platform. This format allows doctoral candidates to maximize their time and effort without the need to commute for traditional, in-person mentoring.


Students benefit from dedicated support, targeted training, and strategies to which they are not exposed in the course of their doctoral studies or programs. When recommended methods are put to practice, doctoral candidates should find they move through the rigorous revision process more quickly and with more confidence.


To learn more about our mentorship program and Ph.D. workshops and to get started, book a consultation today.


Hired Staff

Tamika Haynes, DBA

Qualitative/Quantitative On-Line Instructor

Seda Khadimally, Ed.D

APA/Qualitative On-Line Instructor

Lihua Xu, PH.D.

Quantitative On-Line Instructor

Hilda Moses, PH.D.

Quantitative On-Line Instructor

Darrell Lovell, DPA

Quantitative On-Line Instructor

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