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6 Reasons Why you Should Join a Doctoral Boot-Camp Right Away

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

In order to get a Ph.D., you need to complete your thesis comprising all the details of research work and your findings during the degree. Now, this can be a very time taking and hectic process, requiring a lot of research and focused writing. But, what if you get a chance to do so in a more interesting environment; through a doctoral boot camp.

Before diving deep into it, let’s see what exactly is a doctoral boot camp. It is an interactive, intensive thesis writing program that allows candidates to engage in various writing activities, get help from their fellows, and acquire expert opinions from professionals. It helps them to make significant progress in their thesis. They are also provided with additional support, guidance, and training while they are in a research review process.

Now, is it necessary to join a doctoral boot camp? Well, here are 6 reasons that you should.

1. Helps to face your writing fears:

To write a thesis one has to go through hundreds of articles to gain data and information. Once it is done, you sit down, all set up to start writing a perfect thesis. But, suddenly you don’t know what to write. You get writer’s block and continuously stare at a blank page for hours, not knowing how to get rid of it and finally leave the table, feeling disappointed.

Eventually, it leads to procrastination. Every time you think of writing you fear that you won't be able to do so. You unintentionally keep running away from it, feeling more pressured about not writing but can't do anything to get rid of it.

Here is where a thesis boot camp can help you get rid of your fears. When you are in one of the camps you can’t procrastinate. You have short deadlines which have to be met on time, and it allows you to start thinking and putting it down on paper, however, they may sound. You keep on writing despite feeling anxious about it. Because you know that there are people to guide and support you in the end, you feel a bit relaxed.

2. Set Writing Goals:

Usually, boot camps are for short durations. Scholars have to cover a lot of work at this time. They have to set writing goals, manage their time, and achieve those goals at the end in order to stay in the race. It requires hard work and immense focus. They know that if those goals aren’t achieved on time, they will be left behind. So, they keep on writing despite the adrenaline rush. As the camp continues they see that at the end they have almost covered everything which seemed to be a huge pile of work in the form of those goals. And that is exactly the purpose of a doctoral boot camp.

3. Uninterrupted writing:

Doctoral boot camp helps candidates to have a calm and distraction-free environment, away from their homes, chattering colleagues, friends, and other worries. Their focus is not divided among other commitments and is just concentrated on their thesis writing. As their work is divided into small goals, they get a break on and off to keep their mind fresh when they start writing again.

4. Feel positive energy:

Working on small goals and finishing them on time gives you a sense of achievement every time. You get more motivated and feel positive energy to achieve the next one as well. This gives you self-motivation to work. It’s a sort of gift that one gives to himself; the happiness of accomplishment. Every week as you progress in your thesis writing you get the satisfaction and feel less burdened that you are working in the right direction, in the right environment of the boot camp.

5. Have your own support group:

The biggest advantage of joining a boot camp is that you get to know new people. On the first day of your boot camp, you see strangers everywhere. But, as you work through various activities of boot camp with the same people, learn new skills, engage and compete with them, you develop a very strong bond. You share the same enthusiasm to complete your thesis and help, support, and motivate each other. When finally it is complete, you celebrate the success together knowing its actual worth. It is such an amazing bond and experience which you can never share by sitting in your room all alone struggling to get your thesis done.

6. Supervision of experts:

When you start writing a thesis on your own without any guidance you question yourself often too much. Am I doing this right? Should I add this to my thesis? What should be the structure and layout of my draft? Does this look fine? Etc and this list go on and on. The reason for this is that you don’t feel confident enough when you are writing all alone without any supervision. And even if you do, there are high chances that you make many blunders without knowing till the end.

The best way to avoid this is to get proper advice, guidance, and supervision from professionals before presenting a faulty thesis to the review committee. Where you can get this? Obviously in a doctoral boot camp. They help you in research and scholarly writing skill development for pre-proposal stages so that you may ace through your Ph.D. without any hindrance.

Now you must be thinking about where you could find such an amazing doctoral boot camp. If so, here’s one just right for you:

Get In Touch with Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC:

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