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Ever Heard Of a Doctoral Boot camp? Here's an Exciting One For You

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

If you are a PhD scholar thinking about how to write your thesis when you are feeling completely out of track then don’t worry. It’s a common thing among scholars. They have spent endless hours researching, experimenting, and gathering data that when it’s finally time to write it all down they don’t know where to take a head start, and how to pursue their thesis writing.

Time passes, and they struggle every day to write and compile their thesis, but gradually they get overwhelmed and stuck. They try again and again, by locking themselves up alone in a room to have a peaceful and distraction-free environment, but can’t stick with it any longer because they eventually lose motivation.

This may sound familiar to many people pursuing a PhD degree. After all, it is a tiring process of writing up a huge piece of research, comprising brainstorming, drafting, and endless revisions.

So, how to end this struggle?

You may have noticed that when we are surrounded by ambitious people working on the same thing as we are, it usually boosts our motivation. We feel more energetic to complete our work either out of a feeling of competition or because of inspiration. Whatever may the case be, we are more self-driven to complete that particular task which we couldn’t before.

Moreover, when we divide one big task into multiple small ones, it becomes easier to get them done. Accomplishing something, even something small, can put us back in control. We feel less burden, and it not only helps us complete our work more efficiently in small patches but also gives us a sense of accomplishment at each stage of completion. Well, you can also reward yourself with little breaks to refresh your mind and body for smooth working.

Another thing that you could do is to just start writing, even if you do not have a clear map of your thesis in mind. It will help you locate all your ideas on paper and later on work on them. It is completely fine if your first draft seems to be all messy and disorganized. At least you’ll have some things to refine and later on shape them to have a nice draft at the end.

But, what if I tell you a place where you can get all this done under professional supervision?

Yes, you heard it right. Scholars Professional Editing Group is offering an exciting 8-Weeks and 12-weeks doctoral Boot camp program where PhD scholars will be engaged in extensive thesis writing activities. It will include all the tips and tricks mentioned above to get your thesis done just the right way.

What do we offer at doctoral boot camp?

Doctoral Boot Camp helps scholars learn to write more productively, and to produce better writing, by providing space with minimal distractions, a writing regimen; peer motivation and support, and expert writing consultants. While the program focuses on helping students improve writing productivity, we also hope that students will take away with them writing habits and strategies that will aid them in writing projects in the future.

What’s more interesting?

It’s going to be an online interactive session that you can join by sitting anywhere in the world. You’ll be having intense, critical thinking training, development of a successful doctoral dissertation, support for research study alignment and feasibility, modelling the use of research methods, and providing students with the tools necessary to complete their dissertation. All boot camp workshops are designed to fit the life of a doctoral candidate, student, and working professional’s schedule.

Who can Enroll?

Well, there is no limitation. Any future academic doctoral candidate can take part, no matter the discipline or research topic under investigation, we have got them all covered.

Now you must be thinking about where you could find such an amazing doctoral boot camp. If so, here’s one just right for you:

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