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Importance of Community & Support

A doctoral degree is the most critical high point of someone’s education. The students who enroll in a doctoral program are the most intelligent, hardworking, and brightest students as it has one of the highly competitive enrollment processes. From the start of the doctoral program to the end of the program, the students go through a very draining and daunting phase of their life.

Pursuing an advanced degree like any doctoral program is like preparing yourself for a marathon, as a doctoral program takes the effort and hard work of years. One has to be mentally and physically prepared to get them enrolled in a doctoral program. In the start, it feels like an impossible thing to achieve - you question yourself that if you will be able to finish this task. You question your decision of starting it and investing your time in it. You question your abilities, your effort, your talent, and this self-doubt leaves you with overwhelming feelings. Hence, it is essential to select a reputable institute first and then make yourself a part of a community.

Doctoral students are continually more stressed than other students as this degree is not easy to achieve; you invest your time, money, health (physical and emotional both) in it. Research has findings that most doctoral students feel overwhelmed and stressed during their doctoral program. One thing that made them feel relieved and less stressed and is community/support during the program. Most of the students who enroll in doctoral programs share that they feel social isolation because of stress and anxiety; they must maintain their social, work, and study altogether.

In this regard, all they need is support and community engagement from their peers, friends, and family. During a doctoral program having support plays a vital role in the success of the students. That is why it is so essential to build a strong community. The community helps with stress and anxiety and encourages to do more because of having a shared experience. Having a solid community also supports you academically. Interacting with fellow researchers helps you grow intellectually and sharing your learning and research studies opens new doors and give you the capacity to make a change in the world. This motivates you but also helps you grow in different dimensions. Community support can take various forms, including emotional support (attempts to alleviate negative affect), professional support (mentoring and guidance), and practical support (money or help with task completion). Therefore, social support can mediate stress and it is vital to building community support during a doctoral program so that a student feel relieved while writing their dissertation. Therefore, social/community support is necessary for degree completion. There is a chance that people who leave their doctoral programs in between might not have enough community support from their family, friends, coworkers, teachers, and faculty.

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