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"The Doctoral Mind" SPSS Functionality

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The Scholar’s Professional Editing Group will be continuing hosting free webinars over the next coming weeks. Upcoming webinars will be hosted by Dr. Lihua Xu, in which she will be sharing her knowledge regarding the use of analytical data determined by the software, SPSS. Dr. Xu is a member of scholars’ team, and she will be providing those looking to learn more about SPSS the right tools and guidance to navigate the software.

Dr. Lihua Xu doctorate is Educational Research and Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics. She is a College Professor and has given many lectures in Methodology, Measurement and Analysis, educational research methods, assessment, univariate and multivariate statistics, and data representation. She worked as an assistant professor in the Carnegie inspired Educational Leadership Program (Ed.D.) at Western Carolina University for two years where she continued to teach these methods. Dr. Xu is a sought after statistician that provides statistics consolation.

The Scholar’s Professional Editing Group seeks to connect and engage with their audience by providing an understanding of the topics being discussed at hand. The webinars are a free service that provide insight on some of the most prevalent topics that are experienced when a candidate seeks to earn their Ph.D. or professional doctorate. Not only do they provide educational value, but unlike in-person meetings, webinars are an effective way to globally connect people around the world. With COVID-19 restricting the limits of in-person gatherings, webinars serve as a safe and effective way for an audience to obtain the knowledge from a lecture from the comfort of their own homes.

Dr. Xu will be hosting webinars covering components of the software, SPSS. On June 25th, she will be covering how to conduct regression in SPSS. On July 2nd she will be covering how to conduct ANOVA in SPSS, and on July 9th she will be covering how to conduct MANOVA in SPSS.

To register for the webinars, please visit The Scholar’s Professional Editing Group website by clicking the link below.

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