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The “Doctoral Mind” Webinar Series

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

The Scholar’s Professional Editing Group will be offering a free webinar series starting June 10th. The webinars will be virtual seminars conducted by members of the Scholar’s Professional Group. These webinars will be informative videos conducted by scholars who have gone through the doctoral process and are determined to share their knowledge. Participants can sign up for multiple webinars, as there will be multiple sessions that explore different subjects. Some examples of webinars that will be held: IBRIt’s Not a StatementIt’s a Process, How to Conduct Independent T-Test in SPSS, Introduction to NVivo, and many more.

The scholars are determined in making an informative and interactive platform in which the participants can become involved with the webinars. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions through the chat, and they will have the chance to win cash prizes and gifts. This is a chance to explore the minds of scholars who are willing to have their brains picked and share through personal experience their obtained knowledge when it comes to the doctoral process. A variety of subjects will be covered that serve as educational tools to anybody looking to earn a PhD or professional doctorate. Anybody completing their doctoral process or would just like to become more educated on a subject is encouraged to register for the webinars.

To register for the webinars, head over to the Scholar’s Facebook page to sign up by social media, or click the link below.

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