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“The Doctoral Mind” Webinar Series Part 1 Explained

The Scholar’s Professional Editing Group is continuing with their webinar series, part 1, “The Doctoral Mind.” Webinars are a great tool for candidates to acquire relevant information to their studies, all while having the convenience of not leaving the comfort of their home. Doctoral candidates attending any University, at any stage of their process, or anybody interested in learning more about the topics presented, are invited to attend the online webinar series for free.

The Scholar’s Professional Editing Group LLC. is a group of academic scholars who dedicate their services to helping doctoral candidates pursue their professional doctorate or Ph.D. The Scholar’s Editing Group LLC. understands the challenges that come along with road bumps in pursuing a Ph.D or professional doctorate, such as committee changes or rejection of dissertation, as they have faced these struggles themselves. Their goal is for their clients to reach the finish line of their studies, which entails the honor of attending the hooding and commencement ceremony. As aiding candidates to success in their studies is one passion of the scholars, “The Doctoral Mind” webinar series part 1 serves as a tool to aid in that mission.

This webinar series that the Scholar team cultivated is an interactive platform that discusses effective dissertation writing practices, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and management software used to conduct data analysis topics that the Universities candidates attend may not offer relative training to. As the Scholar Team recognizes the rigorous path of the doctoral process, they acknowledge the unsettling reality that 50% of doctoral candidates dropping out of their programs calls for some assistance to the area. No matter the stage of one’s doctoral process, the webinar series hopes to assist the candidate regarding areas of support pertaining to their studies. If one finds the webinars to be beneficial to them and would like to learn more about the Scholar’s Professional Editing Team and what they offer to doctoral candidates, they are encouraged to contact the Scholar team by emailing, or book a free consultation with the Scholars via their website listed below.

To register for the webinars, please visit The Scholar’s Professional Editing Group website by clicking the link below.

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