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The “Doctoral Mind” Webinar Series Part 2: Everything Methodology

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The Scholar’s Professional Editing Group has concluded their first round of webinar series, “The Doctoral Mind Part 1.” The team has been working hard to conduct online webinars to share their gained knowledge with those in the process of obtaining their professional doctorate or Ph.D. The difference between the webinars and pre-recorded videos is that anyone registered is able to participate in real time and ask real questions to the Scholars. The interactive platform serves as a way to equip academic doctoral candidates with knowledge, skills, and strategies that will help them navigate through their programs successfully.

The Scholar’s will be launching their second webinar series, “The Doctoral Mind Part 2: Everything Methodology,” in September 2020. The series is set to kick off right after Labor Day, and the Scholars are looking forward to another successful round of connecting with you and bringing about awareness of the scholars services readily available. The group of scholars presenting information will vary from seasoned scholars, such as an IRB Administrator, Scholar Practitioners, Statisticians, and University Professors. Regarding the topic of methodology, each scholar will be bringing a new perspective and fresh stance to the table. Although the doctoral process is one with set guidelines that are regulated, due to outside circumstances and the difference of personal situational stance, each scholar has personalized experiences while obtaining their professional doctorate or Ph.D.

As the Scholars are passionate about aiding candidates to the finish line of their program, they understand the frustrations that occur throughout the process. Just as “The Doctoral Mind Part 1,” served to educate candidates with vital information regarding their doctoral process, “The Doctoral Mind Part 2: Everything Methodology” aims to do the same, while bringing in fresh perspectives and new topics of methodology.

If one finds the webinars to be beneficial to them and would like to learn more about the Scholar’s Professional Editing Team and what they offer to doctoral candidates, they are encouraged to contact the Scholar team by emailing, or book a free consultation with the Scholars via their website listed below.

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