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Why Being Passionate About Your Studies Matters

Students of any level of education will attest that it is easier to excel in a subject that they are interested in. Such interest will be able to motivate the student to pursue research and take further absorption in their academic field. Someone who excels in English may not be the best at math studies and vice versa. It is likely that somebody pursuing a Ph.D. or professional doctorate enjoys their main focus of study, as it is only human nature to want to be better at things that we take interest in or that spark inspiration. Students pursuing an education that they are passionate about in turn allows others to become more informed on the topic after the student shares their findings. The drive that comes along with working towards a degree in an area that one is passionate about contributes to the spread of the basis of knowledge surrounding that field. If a student is not passionate about the work they are completing, they may be less likely to exert all effort and resources into their studies.

When asked what advice she would give to future doctoral students, Dr. Lihua Xu, a woman who obtained her doctorate degree in December 2009 from Oklahoma State University in Educational Research, Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics, had some thoughts. Dr. Xu stated an importance that holds value when obtaining a higher education degree is to find something you love and stay focused. She said that although she faced some hurdles when obtaining her degree, such as completing her studies in a country that she did not grow up in, persevering through the challenges allowed her to look back and be proud of everything she has accomplished. She added that the actual content of her studies came natural to her and was one of the most enjoyable aspects of obtaining her degree.

Being passionate about one’s area of study allows the student capabilities of pushing through impediments that may stand in the way. Without drive, he or she may fall behind and become overwhelmed in work that sparks no interest. When it comes to choosing what subject to pursue in a Ph.D or professional doctorate, the student should think long and hard about an area that incites passion in order to succeed to the best of their abilities.

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