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8 Sided Tam
• High quality velvet fabric
• Comfortable velvet band allows one size fits all from 21" to 24"
• Strong, durable reinforcement throughout
• Gold Strand and Bullion Tassel
• Each 8 Sided Velvet Tam is individually packaged in its own bag
Deluxe Black Doctorate Academic 8 Sided Tams. No graduation will be complete without the Deluxe Black Doctorate 8 Sided Tam. The Scholar Gear Shop has a vast array of 8 sided tams in various colors and sizes. Made from a durable velvet material with bright gold bullion colored tassel, it also features a full leather headband for added comfort and style. For an even more convenient ordering, same day deliveries are now offered to help you with your last-minute graduation needs.

Deluxe Black Doctorate 8 Sided Tams

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