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Quantitative Dissertation

Ph.D. and other professional doctoral candidates’ dissertations depend on quantitative data gathered to support the thesis and create the narrative. The type of quantitative data gathered in the process depends on the nature of the study and research question, but data can come from various sources such as surveys, tests, questionnaires, document reviews, observations, and more.


When defending their dissertations, candidates should expect their results and conclusions to be scrutinized by the review committee. However, doctoral candidates are not statistical analysis experts. Conducting effective quantitative dissertation or doctoral study analysis without leveraging expert support and assistance in the process could increase the number of review cycles needed — prolonging an already stressful and time-consuming undertaking.


Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC provides quantitative research dissertation services designed to help Ph.D. candidates understand and learn how to analyze quantitative data for their dissertations. Understanding the data better makes dissertation writing easier and provides added confidence when defending findings to the committee.


Comprehensive Dissertation Quantitative Data Analysis Services


Our research assistance services – including SPSS quantitative data analysis – help candidates understand and leverage the power of the sophisticated management software platforms they are expected to use when preparing their dissertations.  Through one-on-one research assistance training sessions, Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC guides candidates through the data analysis process to understand and leverage accuracy and the power of managing quantifiable data that will provide a robust support to successfully defending a research study.


Quantitative dissertation research support includes the following:


  • A thorough evaluation of the candidate’s data plan 

  • Proposed or current research methodology — including research design and selection of variables

  • Assistance with analyzing and reviewing findings based on compiled data

  • The organization and cataloging of information gathered


Our quantitative research specialists also provide help with visual representations based on accumulated data. This includes assisting candidates with the creation of charts and graphs as well as sample write-ups designed to bring the data to life.


Choose Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC for Dissertation or Doctoral Study Quantitative Data Analysis Support


Ph.D. and other professional doctoral candidates can book consultations with Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC for quantitative research dissertation or doctoral study support — regardless of dissertation stage. Everyone on our team is committed to helping improve doctoral candidates’ outcomes.


Rather than hiring Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC to do the work for you, we will teach you how to analyze quantitative data for dissertation  or doctoral study preparation. By taking this approach, we believe you will better understand your data and will therefore be well-equipped to confidently defend your dissertation.


To learn more about how we can help with quantitative dissertation or doctoral study research and analysis, book a consultation now.

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