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Ph.D. Research Assistance

When preparing to present and defend their dissertations, Ph.D./professional doctoral candidates must understand quantitative and mixed-method research methodology, assumptions, and be able to analyze their work critically. In most cases, Ph.D. candidates know their dissertation research subject areas well. However, many candidates have only a basic background in statistics and lack the detailed knowledge and resources needed to effectively draw conclusions or to ensure the material they must prepare and defend is accurate.


Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC provides Ph.D. research assistance designed to address this gap. Our academic research consultants help candidates learn how to conduct effective data analysis. In doing so, doctoral candidates benefit from having a better understanding of their data. This translates into fewer rewrites needed and fewer reasons for review committees to challenge presented data and findings.


Dissertation Data Analysis Services Address Qualitative and Quantitative Research


Dissertation research assistance is one-on-one training, delivered via online meeting technologies. Our dissertation statistics consultants use qualitative and quantitative software management to help candidates complete the data analysis process.


Qualitative data analysis entails collecting data to support your study — conducting case studies, coding data, and assessing the reliability and validity of selected themes. Dissertation research consultants help doctoral candidates learn how to more effectively complete and manage qualitative data using NVivo and ATLAS Ti.


Quantitative dissertation SPSS data analysis involves validating collected data, evaluating assumptions, generating analyses, and creating visual representations of data including tables and graphs. We help candidates learn how to conduct quantitative analysis using tools such as SPSS.


There are three phases involved in the quantitative and qualitative dissertation data analysis services we provide:


  • Phase 1: Import, store, and organize data

  • Phase 2: Data analysis

  • Phase 3: Visual representation of conclusions, sample write-up, and preparing to write the narrative


Improve Your Outcome With Dissertation Research Assistance


At Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC, we understand how important your dissertation is, and that it represents years of work on your part. When scheduling a consultation, our dissertation statistics consultants will work closely with you to guide you through the three phases of the data analysis process. We can help you regardless of your current dissertation stage.


The ultimate goal of our Ph.D. research assistance service is to provide the tools and confidence you need to successfully defend your research study. Our team of qualitative and quantitative specialists are ready to help you complete your dissertation.


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