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 The Official Ph.D. Navigators!

 Doctoral Dissertation



Our successful one-on-one Ph.D. Navigator Coaching and (NVivo/SPSS) data analysis research service accelerate academic doctoral candidates from dissertation stagnation to dissertation COMPLETION.


Our Ph.D. Navigator Coaches work with candidates at EVERY STAGE  of the research review process including the conception of the problem statement, literature review organization, and development, to publishing in world-renowned journals. 


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Trusted By Leading Universities Around The Globe

More Than Just A Dissertation Company

Our Ph.D. Navigator Coaches provide all-encompassing dissertation APA editing & coaching, methodology alignment and data analysis services for academic doctoral candidates pursuing a Ph.D. or professional doctorate.


Line-by-line APA &  Methodology Review Services. 


Reference & In-Text Citation Audit Services.


Editorial Alignment and APA Format Compliance Services.


Seasoned Linguistics Scholar Practitioners & Certified APA Editors


Literature Review Organization & Development Services.


Interview Transcription Services

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One Stop Partnership For All Your Dissertation Needs

Editing Services

Our Ph.D. Navigator Coaches are certified editors, linguistics experts and scholar-practitioners. At your side, you'll enjoy the line-by-line comprehensive APA 7th Ed., methodology, alignment, and writing support services. We catch and correct the errors before your committee. Saving you time and money by leveraging your approval rate of 100%!


Are you stuck trying to figure out a data analysis software management software such as SPSS or NVivo? 
With our
Ph.D. Navigator Coaches , you will complete your entire data analysis project in 3-4 weeks!
Enjoy one-on-one coaching sessions in NVivo or SPSS stress-free! Our 
Ph.D. Navigator Coaches will navigate you step-by-step through three simple phases: Transcription, data prep, scoring, and importation to running queries, and create robust graphical visual aids to support your defense! 

 Data Analysis
(NVivo & SPSS) Services

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Premier Ph.D. Navigator  Coaching Services

100% Graduation Rate!

Access all your dissertation methodology alignment, APA editing, and data analysis needs all in one session!

Loved and Trusted by Hundreds of Academic Doctoral Candidates 

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We don't strive for excellence - We exemplify EXCELLENCE with PROVEN RESULTS! 

Come WITNESS 1-2 committee approvals guaranteed in up to 4 sessions!

Guidelines Followed


Assistance at
Any Stage of Your Dissertation


Plagiarism-Free Content


Customer Service


Affordable & Flexible Pricing


High Academic Standards




Integrity & Strict Ethical Standards



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“I have the great privilege of greeting you as the CEO/Founder of Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC. As a former doctoral candidate, I genuinely understand the inescapable challenges, rigorousness, and intricacies associated with traveling through an academic doctoral program. I recall feelings of defeat and hopelessness, consistent frustrations with the endless cycle of revisions, committee changes, ambiguous feedback, increasing student loan debt, and countless sleepless nights – while managing the demands of life, family, and work.”

Out of the core of both my frustrations and challenges, I birthed a passionate mission to assist and fully equip doctoral candidates with knowledge on how to write a scholarly dissertation and navigate to the finish line successfully. I humbly share this passion and the result of our candidates’ successes with a unique and phenomenal team of experts who have revolutionized the mentorship paradigm in this industry!”

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One thing about them is that they keep you moving. Research tips they've prov-ided have been really helpful. The encour-agement, collaboration was amazing

The doctoral boot camp program was the best investment. Great support and faculty are very knowledgeable. You have nothing to lose!

I cannot describe how much this boot camp program has helped me in my dissertation phase. This program was such a support to my career!

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