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Boot Camp Program: 

APA Workshop Demo Video

The APA workshop consists of an in-depth review of what’s NEW in the American Psychological Association (APA) 7th Edition manual from the 6th Edition manual. Our doctoral Librarians and Scholar-Practitioners discuss common APA errors and writing challenges doctoral candidates face while writing completing the required components of the dissertation or doctoral study in preparation for national publishing.

Boot Camp Program:

Qualitative Methodology/Library Research Demo Video

The boot camp program qualitative methodology workshops are designed to review the essential components of conducting independent research and the dissertation in series – introducing candidates to the dissertation process and critical secrets to successfully navigating the doctoral program. The Instructor will instruct the candidate in qualitative methods/inquiry options, research skills, tools, and data analysis approaches to make the research process run smoothly.

Boot Camp Program:


"A concerned co-worker recently referred me to a program that she thought could help me progress in writing my dissertation because I was stuck and unmotivated. I spent two semesters doing absolutely nothing!

I made the call to the scholar team and I have been making progress every week. When I began the program, I had a rough draft of nine pages on chapter one and nothing on my Literature review thanks to the scholar team who motivated me I turned in a total of 34 pages this past Sunday. I would recommend this program to anyone.

Never in my life have I met such caring individuals namely Dr. Tamika Haynes, Dr. Seda Khadimally, Dr. Paige Alfonzo, and Dr. Annie Lee.

The scholar team has been a lifesaver and a game-changer. Thank you so much for caring Scholar team."


Linda Mitchell, Ph.D Candidate

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