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SPSS Qualitative Data Analysis Services

Are you looking for reliable SPSS data analysis assistance?

Look no further than our expert team of Statistician Coaches! We specialize in statistical analysis, and our experienced analysts use the latest software to ensure that your research produces accurate, reliable results. We work with doctoral candidates to achieve research excellence. 

Our SPSS Navigation coaches guide you step-by-step through the entire (3-Phase) SPSS data analysis process to completion in up to 14 days! Yes- within two weeks! 

Schedule a consultation to chat with us to discuss the three SPSS Phases of completion.

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Up to 12 one-on-one coaching sessions required. 

The entire SPSS data analysis process is completed in 3-Phases!

Phase 0


Introductory Meeting With Your NVivo Coach

Phase I


Project Creation  Data Importation

Data Organization

Data Prep

Phase II


Data Scoring

Data Screening

Data Analysis

Phase III


Data Visualization 

 Q & A

 Sample Template 

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