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Online Programs


Our online programs, including monthly webinars and summer dissertation residency, support academic doctoral candidates at all stages (Chapters 1-5) of the dissertation writing process. We provide comprehensive one-on-one and group assistance to help doctoral candidates complete their doctoral studies successfully.


T. Young, TX

“The bootcamp was the best investment that I have made on my dissertation journey. The workshops were professional, helpful, supportive and encouraging. I loved the mock oral defense preparation and the research information they shared not only thrusted me forward faster but prepared me to defend successful as now Dr. Young. "

T. Riggs, OH

"I was in the final hour of my program and with little guidance and a google search, I found Scholars Professional Editing Group. True to their word I thrusted forward quickly and now called Dr. Riggs ONLY because of them."

L. Mitchell, MI

“The Scholar team has been a life saver for me. A friend found out I was struggle and referrred me to the scholar group. I felt alone, inadequate and questionsed why i was pursuing my PhD. Now 6-months later i trusted forward and completed my dissertation!!! I am now Dr. Mitchell...whoo!!”
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